Audi R8  

To steadily traverse the Georgetown roads with style and confidence, you'll find few better vehicles than the Audi R8. However, you don't have to shop brand new to find a great R8 for your commute. There are plenty of overlooked benefits of getting a pre-owned Audi R8, especially when you peruse our pre-owned inventory at Audi North Austin. Learn all about the exciting benefits of getting a used Audi R8. 

Audi R8 Features

The Audi R8 is known for its signature racetrack-ready performance on the Cedar Park roads. When you shop for a pre-owned Audi R8, you can get the great benefits of a new vehicle with a significantly reduced price. Depending on the configuration, some features may vary, but here are some features you can find on every used Audi R8 at Audi North Austin: 

  • Jet-black interior
  • High-speed performance backed by a powerful engine
  • Comfortable leather seating
  • Smooth driving and handling
  • Premium sound system
  • And more

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned

Besides the reduced price, here are some benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle that every Round Rock driver can enjoy: 

  • Used vehicles cost less to insure than new vehicles
  • Most of the depreciation on a used car has already occurred
  • Used vehicles usually have better resale value than new cars
  • Well-kept used vehicles can last just as long as a new vehicle
  • Used vehicles have an accessible vehicle history report

Whether you choose a used Audi R8 or any used vehicle, you can enjoy new model quality without the new model price. For even more assistance when buying, you can apply for financing online with us. 

Why Choose Audi North Austin?

At Audi North Austin, we strive to provide exceptional vehicles at affordable rates. That's why we offer ongoing pre-owned vehicle specials to help you get the perfect pre-owned Audi R8 for a great price. If you want to trade in your old ride before upgrading, you can also find your vehicle's trade-in value with our trade-in tool

Find a Great Used Audi R8 at Audi North Austin

To find a pre-owned Audi R8 that's ready for the Austin roads, visit Audi North Austin to find the perfect R8 for you. Contact us to help you browse our inventory either in-person or online.