When you're looking for an advanced new car, crossover, or SUV, there's no question that safety is at the forefront. When you're checking out the incredible lineup of Audi models, you're likely curious about the features that come with the Audi pre sense suite of technology and safety advancements. Audi pre sense is an advanced technology package that includes driver-assist technology and engineering features to improve safety on the streets of Austin, TX. Take a moment to learn more about what Audi pre sense can do to add peace of mind to your everyday commutes.

Which Driver Assist Features Are Included With Audi pre sense?

From keeping you in the right lane to stopping before you can react, Audi pre sense can help you stay safe in the toughest circumstances. For example, Audi pre sense basic system can activate hazard lights and apply your brakes when a collision is deemed inevitable. Your side windows and the sunroof close automatically, your front seat belts will tighten against to help brace for impact - all in order to protect drivers and passengers when you're most vulnerable. 

Additional features available with Audi pre sense include:

  • Audi active lane assist

  • Audi AI traffic jam pilot

  • Audi pre sense front / Audi pre sense city

  • Collision avoidance assist

  • Turn assist

  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go traffic function

  • Adaptive cruise assist

  • Hold assist

What's more, Audi pre sense can issue curb warnings for when you're a bit too close, provides multicollision brake assist to reduce your chances of a front and rear collision, and can even measure the speed and severity of an upcoming collision. 

Which Audi Models Have Audi pre sense?

From the convenient Audi A3, versatile A4 configurations, to the ultra-luxurious Audi A8, you'll find Audi pre sense equipped as standard throughout many of your favorite models. You'll also be relieved to know that nearly all Audi models either come with Audi pre sense as standard, it or have it as an available option. What Audi Models Have Audi pre sense? Our most popular models equipped with Audi pre sense include:

Depending on what model you choose, you'll find Audi pre sense basic on more compact models, and Audi pre sense city as an upgrade. Don't hesitate to ask our team for more details on which models come with Audi pre sense.

Find Your Audi pre sense Equipped Model Today

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